1. Oh dios mío, acabo de “descubrirte”! Creo que ya no te pierdo de vista… Jajajaja ese jersey me parece ideal, y bueno, el burdeos, es mi color por excelencia yo creo… Así que un look perfecto.

  2. Me encanta el sueter! Es muy bonito y lo has combinado perfectamente con los pantalones y el bolso. Que talla te has cojido?

  3. Hi Henar,
    Another beautiful outfit!! No matter what you wear, it always looks so great.
    LOVE the sweater, can’t wait for cold weather here!

    Lots of love from South Africa,


  4. Olá Henar

    Pretty look, nice blog. I’m already follow you, follow me too.
    Uma ótima 6º feira para vc…

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  5. Lovely style dear, that sweater is really pretty and I love it matched to the oxblood pants and heels! <3

  6. great colour combination! will you wear your new marant sneakers soon? i’m so excited to see how you style them! 😀

    • I will wear them asap, it’s just nowadays the weather is being snowy and rainy and can’t wear them! But I’m dying to do it!

  7. Maravillosa, Super Maravillosa, Guapissima, Iper Guapissima, Mega Guapissima 🙂
    Like the Baroque Look…Great Style…You’re a great Artist of Style!
    Saludos desde Sicilia

    • Baroque trend is one of a kind, the black-gold thing is just awesome, but this one is just better for everyday outfits…

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