1. No te desintoxiques Henar, cuando algo gusta es porque favorece!; y así se refleja como en tu caso.

  2. Gorgeous sunnies! <3

    They’re looking really good on you and definitely brighten up the whole look!

    Vanessa from trendique.net

    • I got mine on Net-a-porter, but they are no longer available. On the credits section you have a link to a site that has them

  3. Noooooo, I love those colors, keep on posting outfits in white and pink!

  4. That color combo looks so gorgeous on you,
    I’m not going to get tired of seeing you with it.
    Love the sunnies too… so cool.

    • It is not like I’m going to stop wearing it, but I will show you some different things for a certain time 😉

  5. I absolutely love this combo (white, pink and camel) too! You look so gorgeous and your style is really amazing! You look stunning in these pictures. Love your entire outfit! Love your blog and your style!


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