New in: Valentino combat boots

 I discovered them last Spring and fell in love, but when I saw these boots some weeks ago at the Valentino boutique I became literally obsessed. No doubt they are the most feminine, unique combat boots I’ve -and probably will- ever seen. Army boots with leather flowers on a side, and the way the black laces with metal tips are tied up? Utterly perfect. 
At first I hesitated to get them because of the ridiculously unfriendly price tag, but then I thought “hey, life’s too short”. And there I found myself, holding a brand new bright red Valentino box, trying to balance the feelings of happiness and guilt.  Finally went for happiness, anyways. They are the Valentino ‘Techno Couture’ combat boots. Even the name is rad.



  1. Wow! I love them. I think with expensive purchases i always equate them to how much I’m going to wear them, so if you wear them a lot they’re definitely worth the money & you’re so right…life’s too short!
    Happy Wednesday Henar xoxo

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